Top 10 Tips When Planning Your New Kitchen

  1. Hire a professional. If you’re adding new knobs, yes, that can be a DIY job. However, when you are redoing your kitchen from top to bottom, leave it to the professionals – for space planning, material selections and installation.

  2. Consider the workflow of your current kitchen. What works for you in your current kitchen? What does not? The floorplan for your kitchen is one of the most important things.

  3. Next to the flow of your kitchen, the right amount of storage is key.

  4. Make sure attention is given to lighting. A good kitchen design needs good lighting. Your kitchen will need overall lighting, task lighting and ambient lighting.

  5. Think of how you use your kitchen with regards to counter space. Do you need space for baking, kids doing homework, anything else?

  6. The selection of materials for your kitchen will be what brings out your personality and will make your kitchen a place you want to be. Cabinet style, colors, counter materials, flooring and all other finishes will distinguish your kitchen and make it unique.

  7. The appliances you select shouldn’t just look good! Make sure you don’t skimp when it comes to the features you want and the ones you can do without.

  8. The accessories inside your cabinetry can make a big difference with the day to day ease of use within your kitchen. Pullouts, spice drawers, and other organization features may be costly, but they will make your kitchen more effective in the long run.

  9. Unless you plan to redo your kitchen again in 10 years, choose a timeless look. Trendy backsplash tile and cabinets du jour may look good in the here and now, but will not stand the test of time.

  10. Set up a workable make-shift kitchen for when the work is being done and you don’t have access to everything in your kitchen. This is also a good time to purge items you don’t use.

Photographs by John Cole Photography

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