Put Some Spring Into Your Home

Welcome Spring! Aren’t we all ready for the fresh air and warmer weather it provides? Yes, yes, yes! Now that we have “sprung forward”, we’ve got ten simple ways to put some spring into your home, because, after all, isn’t spring a time for a fresh new start? You can do many of these things yourself, although we recommend that painting be left to the professionals. If you have bigger projects around your home that involve interior design, we would love to hear from you.

1.) Spring Cleaning – nobody likes to do it, but we all love how our houses look when it’s done. A good thorough cleaning brings a fresh feeling to your home. It lets winter know its time has passed and that it’s time for spring. One of the best spring cleaning chores is to have your windows washed inside and out. Let that sun shine in! Beautiful days are ahead.

2.) Open your windows – this is a simple way to make a big impact! Let that fresh air circulate around your home. This will allow your home to “air out” and what is better than the scents of spring wafting through your rooms?!

3.) Plant some fresh herbs like chives, dill, and oregano in small pretty pots and put them in a sunny spot in your kitchen. What a great way to bring the outdoors in, while having fresh herbs for your recipes now. When the weather gets warmer, you can transfer these herbs outdoors.

4.) Lighten up your powder room with a set of thick and thirsty white hand towels. They will make your powder room look fresh and airy. You could also add a new soap or candle with a spring scent. Consider lilac or a lemon-rosemary mix.

5.) Perk up a room with a fresh coat of paint. Nothing enlivens a room faster than a new paint color.

6.) Edit your shelves. Winter sometimes weighs us and our homes down both literally and visually. Lighten the load by editing the items on your shelves. Pair down some of the pieces that look heavy to give your shelves a spring facelift.

7.) Flowers – A fresh-cut bouquet of tulips in a pretty glass vase indoors and a bright blue pot of pansies outside your front door are an instant welcome to Spring.

8.) Invest in a quality set of white sheets for your bedroom – crisp white linens harken back to sun-kissed breezes drying sheets on a clothesline in the springtime. What could be more inviting at bedtime?

9.) Consider a fresh Spring centerpiece for your dining room table – we love a glass bowl with fresh lemons and limes.

10.) Lighten up your entry – get ready for the day when people will be coming to your home again. Make your entry welcoming!As you welcome the season ahead, we hope you’ll take some time to put some spring into your home… and in your step!

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